Preparing To Move Out

Here’s our top tips for moving out, whether your moving to another property in Leeds or moving back home with your family – you’ll want that deposit back! 

Points to consider:

  • *Students seriously underestimate the costs of cleaning.

  • *If you leave the property in a bad condition and the costs of returning the property to a good condition exceed the total amount of deposits paid, then you will need to pay and make good, otherwise your guarantors may become liable. 

  • *If your on a joint contract, doing ‘your bit’ of cleaning will not suffice if your house mates haven’t. You’re all equally responsible for ensuring the whole property is in good condition when you leave (general wear and tear acceptable).

  • *Those of you who are lucky enough not to have any exams this semester (yay!) may be thinking about moving out early – that’s fine, but you must remember you will still be responsible for the rent and bills until the end date of your agreement.

  • *Failure to return keys on time may result in charges for; changing the locks, getting new keys cut etc.