Noise Nuisance and Anti Social Behaviour

So, you’ve started University in a new city and moved into a student house with your friends, it’s all very exciting! However, what you may not realise is most student houses are located in areas where permanent residents live and work. Your actions whilst living and studying in the city can have an impact on other residents in the area and it can also affect the reputation of your College or University.

The Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team have provided tips on how to avoid complaints:

  • Noise can be a statutory nuisance at any time but the hours between 11pm and 8am are particularly noise sensitive; Please keep noise levels down during these times;
  • Keep doors and windows closed; go out- side to check if you can hear any noise / music outside of your property; excessive external noise can be identified as a statutory nuisance;
  • You are responsible for your guests; raised voices are often a reported issue. If guests are outside e.g. BBQ / waiting on taxi’s / smoking please keep volumes to a minimum;
  • Keep audio equipment off adjoining walls, away from windows and raised off the floor.

For more information please read Tenants Guide: Living in a Residential Area.