Happy New Year!

Students, you’ve returned to Leeds after your Christmas break to get back to classes and your normal routine, but don’t forget its also time to find your perfect property for the next academic year. That’s right, it’s letting season! We’ve already started letting our properties and we don’t have many remaining. Viewings are being booked in for the next couple of weeks, so if you haven’t started yet why not take a look at some of our amazing properties by clicking the links below.

Our last few properties:

1 Bed – 4 left

2 Bed – 2 left

3 Bed – 3 left 

4 Bed – 5 left

5 Bed – 7 left

6 Bed – 1 left

7 Bed – Sorry, we’re fully let!

Do you want to live near your friends but don’t want to share one big house? We have multiple houses on the same street. Please get in touch for more information. 

Good luck with any upcoming exams and all the best for the new year!