Noise Nuisance and Anti Social Behaviour

So, you’ve started University in a new city and moved into a student house with your friends, it’s all very exciting! However, what you may not realise is most student houses are located in areas where permanent residents live and work. Your actions whilst living and studying in the city can have an impact on other residents in the area and it can also affect the reputation of your College or University.

A few tips on how to avoid complaints:

  • If you are having friends for drinks, let your neighbour know. If people are warned beforehand, they may be a little more tolerant to low-level noise.
  • Make sure you guests are aware of your expectations; their behaviour is your responsibility whilst at the property.
  • If asked to stop the noise, you should behave in a mature and considerate manner and comply. This avoids further complaints and escalation.
  • Don’t have people gathering outside your house at night, whether it be for waiting on taxis, smoking or drinking. Noise travels more at night when there is less background noise.
  • If you are playing music, keep the volume at a reasonable level with windows and doors shut particularly between 11pm and 7am.

For more information please read Tenants Guide: Living in a Residential Area.