Any issues that arise during your tenancy need to be reported directly to us so please email us at Once we have been informed about an issue we will deal with it in priority order.

*Emergency Maintenance – Up to 24 hours after being reported
*Urgent Maintenance – Up to 5 days after being reported
*General Maintenance – Up to 28 days after being reported

Out-of-hours Emergencies

In the event of an out of hours emergency, please check your handbook or the information sheet (usually in the entrance hall) where an emergency contact number is provided. Any out of hours calls that are not deemed to be emergencies will be charged at £50 + VAT, so please make sure it is a genuine emergency before calling.

Gas Emergency

If you think you have a gas leak, please call Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999, It’s free to call and is a 24 hour service.

Electricity – Tripped Switch

If a fault develops, a switch will trip.  Electric switches can trip for a number of reasons, but the most common causes are:

*An over-loaded circuit where too many appliances are being used at once.
*A faulty appliance in the property (kettle, toaster, washing machine, phone chargers etc).

You will need to locate your consumer unit and reset the switches. If it trips again, you will need to identify what is causing the issue by unplugging all appliances and resetting the consumer unit. Then, plug everything back in one by one, if it trips again, you will know which appliance is faulty. Avoid using it until it has been fixed or replaced; if it’s one of the appliances we provide please notify us. If you are unable to locate the issue please let us know so we can send someone to help you.

Electricity – Power Cut

In the event of a power cut please call 105 to be put through to your local electricity network operator. 105 is a free service. Alternatively, you can visit the Northern Powergrid website to see any known incidents in your area.

Further Information

The Tenants Handbook contains useful information for living in our properties. It covers some of the general questions you may have about your home and explains how to deal with the most common maintenance issues including tripped switches, light bulbs and more.  As a Target Properties tenant, you will receive a copy of the handbook however it’s also available to download from our website for your convenience.